Essex Community Foundation
"Working with the Essex Community Foundation is an excellent way to tap into local knowledge and needs which, as a large national funder, is always a challenge to manage and respond to."
The Henry Smith Charity

Henry Smith Charity

ECF has been working in partnership with The Henry Smith Charity since 2008 and since then has channelled over £3 million of grant funding to voluntary and community organisations in Essex

The charity, which can trace its origins back to the 17th century, approached ECF to ask if we would provide them with local knowledge of voluntary organisations that apply to Henry Smith for funding.

We were delighted to link with the charity to support its aim of giving to organisations which help those in need in the community. ECF visits organisations which have been successful in the first stage of the application process and produces a report for the Henry Smith trustees. Once Henry Smith agrees to fund an application, ECF then administers and monitors the grants, which are generally given over three years.

By working with ECF, Henry Smith are able to tap into our local knowledge and networks and know that their grant funding is being carefully managed and monitored at a local level. 

The Henry Smith Charity considers applications for single and multi-year grants, so they offer a great funding opportunity for local organisations to significantly develop their work or deliver more substantial projects. The importance of multi-year funding is that it provides a degree of financial certainty for the applicant.

This is such a rewarding relationship and we look forward to supporting more local organisations that apply to Henry Smith in the future.