Essex Community Foundation


Ian and Angela Marks

Ian and Angela Marks founded ECF in 1996.  Here they talk about why they felt there was a need for a Community Foundation in Essex and reflect on the Foundation's achievements over the past 20 years.  

Kids Inspire - Caitlin and Sue Bell

In this film we hear from Caitlin who explains how Kids Inspire changed her life from despair to aspiration. Sue Bell, the founder of Kids Inspire also explains how vital ECF funding is to their continued work.

Witham Town Lunch Club - Karen and Sylvia

Karen Dillane briefly outlines the work of the Witham Town Lunch Club and introduces Sylvia who explains how the club helped her to cope with the loss of her husband and how she now volunteers there to help others.

Lord Petre - Patron

Lord Peter succinctly recalls how Essex Community Foudation began and captures the essence of its purpose and what it has acheived.

Jerome Booth, Fundholder

In this video, recorded at our recent AGM, Jerome Booth answers a question from the audience regarding how donors can make the best giving decisions.

Jerome Booth, Fundholder

In this second clip from our AGM, Jerome Booth talks about why he gives and why he chooses to give through Essex Community Foundation

Oliver Jones-Davies, Director, Client Investments, CCLA

CCLA kindly sponsored our recent AGM and in this short clip thier Client Investment Director, Oliver Jones-Davies explains why CCLA wholeheartedly support the Community Foundation movement.

Action for Family Carers

In this film a 17 year old client of Action for Family Carers describes how she came to realise that she is a young carer and how the organisation, funded by Essex Community Foundation, support her in carrying out this vital role. The carers emotions do get the better of her in this clip but she has very kindly agreed to let us use the anonymised footage.

Betty Findlay - Action for Family Carers

Betty Findlay explains how her life changed when her husband of 34 years had a stroke and then went on to develop dementia. She received fantastic support from Action for Family Carers who recently received a £5000 grant from the Provide Foundation  managed by ECF.

Philip Richards - Provide Foundation

Philip Richards from Provide explains why their business wants to support the voluntary sector and how Essex Community Foundation helps them to acheive their objectives

Essex Boys' & Girls' Clubs - Respect Project

Jake Mabey, a 'graduate' of the Respect project, who is now working for Essex Boys' and Girls' Clubs to deliver the programme, introduces Rowan Osborne who shares his experiences and the benefits of taking part in the innovative scheme.

Brentwood Print CIC - David Kennard

David Kennard describes his descent into depression and the subsequent impact upon his life. He then explains how Brentwood Community Print CIC helped him to tackle his condition and re-build his self esteem. He is now 'giving something back' by mentoring new clients.

Stephen Kavanagh - Chief Constable

Here, Stephen Kavanagh, the Chief Constable of Essex Police explains why he values the contribution that the voluntary sector makes to Community Safety. He also outlines why Essex Police have chosen to create their own endowed fund within the Foundation.

Glenda Daines, Stroke Club Mid-Essex

In this short film, Glenda Daines talks about how her life has been affected after she suffered a stroke and the support she received from the Stroke Club Mid-Essex which recently received a grant from the Provide Foundation, managed by ECF.