Essex Community Foundation
"By transferring the trust to ECF, the legal and financial responsibility is removed, but we can still enjoy being involved in the grantmaking"
Julia Abel Smith - The Kay Jenkins Trust

Charitable trusts

Working with Existing Charitable Trusts

ECF recognises the importance of developing relationships with other funders and works with a number of national grantmaking trusts such as The Henry Smith Charity and Comic Relief to help them channel grant funding into local communities.  These trusts benefit from ECF’s local knowledge and expertise and local voluntary and community organisations benefit from being able to access funding opportunities which might otherwise have not been available to them.

Transfer an existing Charitable Trust

Managing a Charitable Trust can be a pleasure but is not without its difficulties.  There may therefore, be some circumstances where trustees to consider transferring an existing trust to the management of ECF. For example:

This does not mean giving up all involvement as the Foundation is happy to work closely with trustees to ensure that the objects of the original trust continue to be met now and in the future.

You can remain involved with the grantmaking decisions or know that we will continue to manage the trust in accordance with the original trust deed.

The transfer of a trust to ECF is usually a simple exercise, although it may require Charity Commission consent. The Charity Commission recognises that Community Foundations are suitable recipients of existing trust funds and are helpful in identifying the process required for the transfer.

As each case will be individual, we would be pleased to discuss the transfer of trust funds with you, please contact the Essex Community Foundation team on 01245 355947. We are very happy to have an initial discussion.