Essex Community Foundation
"We want to improve the lives of people living in the district in any way we can. We know that there are projects out there doing wonderful work, and we want to support and help them to grow.”
Sandra Crosby, Executive Director at Greenfields

Braintree District and Greenfields Community Fund

The Braintree District and Greenfields Community Fund, set up by Braintree District Council and Greenfields Community Housing in 2016, provides local charities and voluntary organisations with the opportunity to apply for funding.

Grants are available to support work in the Braintree District that either help to improve health and wellbeing, increase aspirations and opportunities, or develop skills through training.

Previous grants awarded from this fund include:

How to apply

Please note: You should apply to this Fund if you need a grant for over £10,000 but under £40,000. This Fund can support your project for up to three years (i.e. £40,000 over 3 years, not £40,000 each year for 3 years).If you require less than £10,000 please complete our general application form to access our other funds. 

The Braintree District and Greenfields Community Fund is a two-stage application process with an expression of interest (EOI) in the first instance. Selected applicants will then be asked for further information.

To read the guidelines and to complete the EOI form, please click here. Your form must submitted by 5pm on 30 August 2019.