Essex Community Foundation
"Our relationship with ECF has been a real discovery. It has opened our eyes to the issues, many of them quite hidden, that exist in communities and given us the opportunity to target our support where it is most needed."
Greenfields Community Housing (Fundholders)

ECF Funds

We work with individuals, companies, local and regional government and existing trusts and foundations to help them achieve their philanthropic or social responsibility goals.

On behalf of our Fundholders, we have given over £30 million to local voluntary and community organisations in Essex to support their vital work since 1996.

We manage a diverse portfolio of charitable Funds, 143 in total, some of which have their own particular aim or restrictions such as supporting children and young people’s projects or only supporting activities in Thurrock.

Although each Fund is set up to reflect the donor's wishes, they all gain impact through being managed and invested together. We are able to pool monies from multiple Funds should the situation arise, benefiting both the donors and the organisations applying.

If you would like to find out more about the stories behind each Fund being established, please use the acommpanying list of Funds.