An update on our support for the sector

15th July 2021

We have been pleased to support local organisations to either respond to the crisis or sustain their operations during this period of uncertainty by awarding 318 grants totalling £2.7 million from our Essex Coronavirus Response and Recovery Programme. This level of giving is only possible thanks to the generous people who gave to our Appeal and the fundholders who repurposed their funds to respond to this unprecedented situation. In addition, we have worked with Essex County Council to distribute a further £542,753 to 37 local organisations.

We know through conversations and the applications we receive, that many voluntary organisations have experienced significant increases in demand for their services, as the issues they tackle are exacerbated by the pandemic.  Older people who live alone have felt more isolated than ever before, incidents of domestic abuse during lockdown increased as did the number of people, of all ages, whose mental health was affected. Young people, in particular, have struggled as their schooling was interrupted and they could not spend time or socialise with friends.

A positive that has come out of the pandemic has been the responsiveness and flexibility of local charities and community organisations to set up services quickly and continually adapt throughout each lockdown and as restrictions changed. Their ability to respond to the changing needs of their communities, willingness to work in partnership, be innovative and not afraid to try new ways of working, has been inspiring and a lifeline to those who have needed their help.

We have seen great comradery and community spirit and we commend all the staff and volunteers and thank them for their hard work and dedication during this challenging time.

Looking forward, we are committed to increasing our support for charities, voluntary and community organisations in Essex.  We want to listen and understand what they have learnt from working through the pandemic and will consider how our grantmaking can best support them to embed their new ways of working and build resilience for the future.

If you are organisation that continues to need funding in response to the pandemic, to either adapt or expand services or ensure your operation is COVID secure so you can reopen safely, please call us on 01245 356018.

If you want to read about the charities and voluntary organisations we are supporting, please look at the Community Spotlight section of our website.  We are adding new groups all the time.

Andy Payne Worpole
Head of Programmes

If you would like to donate and support your local communities in Essex, give online now via JustGiving: