Leave a Legacy

We offer a simple way for people to leave money to their local community. This is to help smaller, local charities which may often not be viewed as being as permanent as the larger or national organisations.

You may be concerned about their existence in future years when considering leaving a gift in your Will.  We help to ensure that your gift will continue to support the causes you care about, after your death, even if a chosen organisation no longer exists, as we will find one of similar aims to benefit from your support.

By leaving a legacy to us

  • You can specify the causes or area that you want to support
  • You can choose specific charities who you want to receive a gift and we can facilitate the payment for you. (This can include donations to national or international organisations)
  • This will minimise the amount of inheritance tax due on your estate, as charitable gifts are exempt

There are two options

  • Specify Essex Community Foundation as the beneficiary of a one-off donation in your Will
  • Detail your wish to create a charitable Fund in your name or another name of your choosing

How it works

  • We can work with you and/or your professional advisers to ensure this is set up to meet your wishes as part of your Will
  • We can also work with your surviving family and/or professional advisers to award grants from your Fund for as long as they would like to be involved


We welcome legacies of all kinds, including:

  • Pecuniary – a specified sum of money
  • Specific – a specified item, such as shares or property
  • Residuary – all or part of the Estate after any pecuniary legacies have been paid
  • Reversionary – the residue of the Estate after the death of a surviving spouse

If you or your professional adviser would like to talk about leaving a legacy, please contact Perry Norton: