As a business you may want to give back to your local community and support charities, voluntary and community organisations tackling issues that matter to you and your staff.

Do you regularly receive letters requesting financial help and find it difficult to know which ones to support?  Are you confident that your funds will make a difference and will be used effectively?

By understanding what you want to achieve and using our local knowledge and expertise built up over 25 years, we can help you support the organisations and projects that you feel are important or that fit with your corporate values.

If you want to set up your own charitable fund with us, why not encourage your staff to get involved through payroll giving or fundraising events.

We undertake all the administration of your fund and have a comprehensive assessment process for all the applications we receive, before we present them to you for consideration. This means you never have to say “no” to any requests for support as we can respond if you would like us to, we will carry out due diligence on those that may be of interest and potentially find additional monies from the other funds we manage.  You and your staff can make decisions on what to support or you can leave it to us.

Whatever your approach to your corporate giving, short or long-term, we will be pleased to discuss your wishes and the options that might work best for you, your business and your team.

Please contact Perry Norton: