Put community at the heart of your business

26th March 2024

We are pleased to work with many local businesses, helping them to support their communities and engage their staff in decision-making.  

Businesses with strong connections in their local communities reap the benefits in many ways, including increased recognition and the satisfaction of giving something back.

Many businesses in Essex support charities, voluntary and community groups with donations, fundraising and sponsorship of events.  Employees often want to be involved in selecting which causes should benefit, and some of the high-profile national charities may seem the obvious choice.

But an increasing number of companies are recognising the needs on their doorstep and are working with us to achieve their charitable aims in a more effective and long-lasting way, directing their money to local charities and community organisations where it will have the greatest impact and support people who need it the most.

Perry Norton, Head of Development at ECF said: “A lot of companies are approached several times a year by charities asking for help.  Deciding how and who to support can be difficult.  Making one-off donations through fundraising or events has been a traditional way of providing support, but once the money has been donated it may not always be clear how it’s been used.

“Businesses often want to help local charities, but they won’t always know about the smaller, grassroots groups in their local community that provide vital services, but may not have the resources or volunteers with the relevant skills to promote what they do.

“We work with businesses, helping them to have a strategic focus to their giving and support local charities where even a small amount of money can be vital to keeping them going. Companies can set up charitable funds in their name with ECF to create something that will grow forever and have an ongoing impact.

“Businesses and their employees can be fully involved with the fund and still direct money to the causes they want to support.  Having a fund with ECF means businesses know how and where their donations are being used.  They also receive feedback on the difference their grants are making, and staff can visit the organisations to see for themselves the impact their donation has had.  We have known staff to be so inspired after a visit, that they have become a volunteer for the charity.

(Main picture:  Rickard Luckin visit Wellbeing at Garon Park, a project supported by their Fund).

(Pictured:  Ellisons Solicitors charity panel meet with ECF to discuss which applications to support from their fund).

How to give locally

To discuss how to support local charities and voluntary groups call Perry Norton at ECF on 01245 355947, e-mail perry@essexcf.org.uk.  Find out more here.