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26th April 2024

We actively share our work and that of many local charities and voluntary groups we fund through our website and on social media. This supports our mission of connecting with our communities, driving positive change, and making a lasting impact in Essex.

Our website hosts a wide range of information for individuals, families and businesses who might wish to give to their local community, now or as part of legacy, as well as funding opportunities available for local charities and voluntary groups.

We also publish findings from our independent research and community listening projects, news stories and much more.

The Community Spotlight page on our website currently features 240 groups that we have supported, and we regularly add new entries each week. These can be sorted by group name, location or issue area. We also highlight a large number of our Funds in the About Us section, including a story of how they came to be set up with us, and the people behind them.

As part of our work to champion the needs of the local voluntary sector and help showcase their important work, we regularly post on social media.  You can find and follow us on our current social media platforms: Facebook, (X)Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

To help profile the local charities we support and highlight their work to our followers, each week we post stories on Facebook, Instagram, X and LinkedIn with regular postings on the following platforms and using specific hashtags:


Tuesday – we pick one charity to highlight with photographs and an explanation of their work using #CharityTuesday

Thursday – we highlight posts from a selection of local charities and their activities during that week using #CharityCheckIn on our stories


Friday – we share a story about one of our Funds and the people who have set them up using #FundholderFriday

Please follow and engage with us on the following social media platforms if you don’t already do so:

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We are always looking at how we can improve or enhance how we work with our donors, fundholders and grant partners.  If you have experience or working with us that you would like to share, please add it here.  Your feedback will help others who want to give to their local community, and charities and voluntary groups that need funding, to find us.


Each month we send our subscribers a brief E-newsletter highlighting various aspects of our work. If you would like to sign-up to receive this, please click here.

What are the benefits of using Social Media?

Emma Goode is a former Trustee of ECF and runs 24Fingers an award-winning social media agency based in Brentwood.  We greatly appreciate her support and continued guidance to help us enhance our digital presence.

She said, “ECF is such a great organisation that offers individuals and businesses a unique way of giving to their local community and charities.  They support so many charities and voluntary groups and I am pleased to use my skills and expertise to help them share the amazing work they do and increase their awareness.

“There are lots of benefits to using Social media, but it can be time-consuming so choose a platform that will work best for you and start building your presence and messaging from there.  It is important that you keep active in both posting and commenting.”.

Increased Visibility and Reach: Social media platforms provide you access to a vast audience, enabling reach and engagement with individuals, organisations, and businesses within their local community and beyond.  Through sharing relevant content, strategic use of hashtags, and possibly targeted advertising, charities can amplify their message and attract a wider audience.

Community Engagement and Feedback:  Social media facilitates direct communication between a charity and their stakeholders. It serves as a platform for fostering meaningful conversations, a way to gather feedback, and better understanding the needs and priorities of the community. By actively listening and responding to comments, messages, and mentions, charities can build stronger relationships and demonstrate their commitment to serving the community.

Storytelling and Impact Sharing: Social media offers a powerful medium for storytelling. Charities can share success stories, highlight impactful projects, and showcase the difference they are making in people’s lives. Visual content such as photos and videos can bring these stories to life and inspiring action among followers, including vital donations.

Promotion of Events and Initiatives:  Social media provides a cost-effective way to promote and raise awareness about upcoming activities, including those for fundraising. Through event pages or live streaming, charities can generate excitement, drive attendance, and maximise participation.

Networking and Collaboration: Social media fosters networking and collaboration among community stakeholders, including nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and individuals. By actively engaging with other organisations and influencers, charities can leverage partnerships, share resources, and amplify their impact through collective action.

Educational Resource: Social media serves as an educational resource, providing valuable information, resources, and tools to the community.  Charities can share insights on pressing issues, and offer guidance on accessing services and support.