Benefits of giving through us

We can help you to give to the causes you care about, efficiently, effectively, and with confidence that your gift will make a real difference.

We have been working with charitable and voluntary organisations in Essex for over 25 years and typically we award over 600 grants each year.

  • Our local knowledge helps you support voluntary organisations that are working at the grassroots of their communities.
  • We invest donations as an endowment to generate a source of charitable funds and award grants year after year.
  • Our grants process ensures that all applications are thoroughly checked before funds are awarded.  We manage all the legal and financial requirements with the Charity Commission and Companies House, including the audit for the annual report and accounts.
  • If you are a UK taxpayer then Gift Aid allows 25% to be added to your donation. Higher rate taxpayers can benefit from extra incentives.
  • If you are considering setting up your own fund, we will work closely with you to ensure your gift supports the causes you are passionate about.
  • By becoming part of the ‘ECF family’, you can partner with our other fundholders to make joint awards to projects you wish to support, helping your money go further.

If you are interested in giving locally, we would be pleased to talk with you.  Please contact Perry Norton, Head of Development: