Improving and increasing access to community health services

11th January 2022

Local charities and voluntary organisations that help improve and increase access to community health services are invited to apply to the Provide Foundation.  

Provide is an Essex-based social enterprise owned by its staff members and delivers a broad range of community health services in the County and beyond.   Their Fund, which is managed by Essex Community Foundation (ECF), is offering grants of up to £20,000 to support local charitable activities. 

To be eligible for this funding, applicants must demonstrate how they have adapted well during the COVID-19 pandemic and how their work supports those who are socially isolated, particularly those most vulnerable. 

Links to health and social care should include one of the following:  

  • To help keep people out of hospital   
  • To help people leave hospital more quickly   
  • To help people stay healthy in their community   
  • To improve health and wellbeing in the community   

The decision-making panel at Provide is particularly interested to hear how your work is addressing gaps in the community, compliments statutory provision and if you have contact with their services. For more information about Provide and their work in Essex, click here.  

How to apply: 

The deadline to apply to this Fund was Friday 4 February 2022. Successful applicants will receive grants in early April 2022. 

If you didn’t apply in time for this deadline, we still may be able to help you. Please call our grants team on 01245 356018.


 (Pictured: Essex Dementia Care who received a grant previously of £9,287 towards the salary of a dementia key worker to provide support to people living with dementia in mid Essex).